Company shares

Company shares

The Trading Case company develops according to the principle of crowdfunding (public funding). To implement the main business directions of the company, it is necessary to raise $260,000 within the roadmap.
Public sales of company shares are divided into 5 rounds. The price of one share varies depending on the stage: at the 1st stage, the price of one share of the company is $0.01, at the 2nd stage - $0 .02, at the 3rd stage - $0.03, at the 4th stage - $0.04, at the 5th stage - $0.05.

Distribution of company shares

100% shares (40 million) of the company are distributed as follows:

Special projects (18.2 million shares)


Public sale and marketing (10.745 million and 3.055 million)


Allocated to the project team (4 million shares)


Company reserve
(4 million shares)


Any user can become a co-owner of the company and purchase any number of company shares in the amount of $100 or more.
As part of the bonus program, you can get shares for the recommendation and purchase of shares in your structure:
at the 1st level - 9% of shares from the purchase of shares by your personal partners
at the 2nd level - 4% of shares
at the 3rd level - 2% of shares

To receive shares under the bonus program for purchases of shares by partners in the structure, it is not necessary to have purchased shares.

Dividends accrual

After purchasing the companys shares, the user participates in the distribution of the companys dividends among all co-owners (shareholders of the company). Every Monday 10% of the companys profit for the previous week is distributed among all shareholders. Due to the fact that the trading capital of the company is constantly growing, the amount of dividends on shares is also constantly growing. You can withdraw dividends to your balance immediately after they are accrued.


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